Gold is a safe bet and an insured benefit, but that does not mean that we must bet all the portfolio on this investment. Although the Bretton Woods agreements were canceled in 1971, this fact did not affect the value of gold in the world economy. For the record, these famous Bretton Woods agreements were to set the values ​​of currencies around the world by taking gold as a reference. If the time of the miners seemed somewhat obsolete at one time, the gold rush raged again and this, since the years 2000.

Gold Price : An insured benefit

An insured benefit

Gold Price : an insured benefit

Nowadays, with this financial crisis that affects the whole population, the gold resumes “The front of the stage”. Note that this kind of investment has never stopped, however, it was put a little muted. Faced with less promising economic outlooks, discouraging technical indicators, and still-pervading inflation threats, it is becoming increasingly risky to invest in currencies. As a result, investors are turning more to gold, which is now considered the best falling value and an insured benefit, especially for the long term. Indeed, finding gold sold and investing is an excellent way of avoiding any risk of bankruptcy.

Gold : Safe bet and an insured benefit

On the other hand, savers are attracted to this metal because the gold price has been rising perpetually since 2004. According to many experts, it is not surprising that this situation continues for a Indefinite lapse of time. But it’s good to know that you do not have to invest anyhow. Of course, gold is a safe bet and an insured benefit, but that does not mean that we must bet all the portfolio on this investment. We must act with great tact, knowing at the same time that the investor domain remains a world where the most cunning are the masters of the situation.

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